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Jump back more than 100 years and imagine yourself in the mysterious world of genius and madness of the inventor at the end of the nineteenth century.

It is here that we begin the amazing story of the Wireless

Among magnetic bobbins, electrical machines and Leyden jars, surrounded by crackling sparks generated by brass balled oscillators, RADIO, is about to be born.

Silence ...

... Enter the site and discover this universal and unique story, a strange mixture of scientific, humanitarian, military and political interests.

Here, you will find more than 400 images and sounds from another era.

A summary biography of almost 200 people is also available online.

A version in ESPERANTO is available in a simple click and another in FRENCH for francophones.

This english version is the work of my friend John Croasdale.Originally from Newcastle, in the North of England, he has lived in France since 1994. As a trainer and Support Manager, he worked in the UK, France, Belgium and has travelled in Europe, Africa and the States.

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